Wednesday, June 16, 2010


been left out from bloging quite a long time...
frankly tell, i seriously don't know what things to write except for those things that did happen to me before.
anyway, i will try my best to rewrite back the blog, hope everything will be ok.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Brazzo 1st time to AMIGO (6 JULY 08)

tonight was kind of like special night though, cause is the 1st time brazzo went to amigo as he never go there before.
since aziyan did mention about going amigo there, and happen to be that brazzo not go there before, so we brought him went there.
and brazzo just had chance to go there before he graduate and go back to his homeland.
he had a nice experience over amigo restaurant there though,
since he said he having a nice food and nice environment there.
and except from aziyan, brazzo and me, wani and her elder sister both of them were joining us as well.
since her sister just got back from oversea, so she just come over malacca here and having some holiday.
so having some great chatting and also great food over there. nice dinner and nice night...

brazzo, we will be missing you when you fly back and work in your homeland after you graduate... keep in touch ya...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pantai Puteri Gathering (3 JULY 08)

tonight we (include the OC and also freshie) went to pantai puteri for a bbq gathering.
is took for about 20-30 minutes to drive till there though, since i not really know the way, so just follow the road sign.
about 6 or 7 cars were use to go till there and for my car just had rao and aziyan.
so we gathered at ixora food court there then after that we start to depart from there around 8pm or 9 pm.
after the drive, we then reach at pantai puteri about 10pm like that.
since then some of us start to prepare up the material for bbq,
while others just play around, like playing beach futsal, playing water by seashore, or even just walk around the beach.
when all the material been prepare, we all just start bbq.
after finish bbq, then is a eat fest... we just eat and eat... lolz.
after finish eating, we play again the same thing that we played before.
after don't know till what time, then we started to clean up before we heading back to bukit beruang.
after clean up then we just head back home...

Friday, July 04, 2008

Amigo dinner... (2 JULY 08)

tonight having my dinner over amigo restaurant @ melaka raya there.
i had my dinner along with aziyan and wani and with their housemate as well.
is kind of like knowing new friends and more friends.
and the other thing is that get to know wani's sister which happen to study in mmu starting this year.
and also happen to know that wani and aziyan's housemates are all fans of RISHI.
and wani's sister still planning to open a RISHI'S FANS CLUB.
and when i show a picture of rishi taken using my handphone, they all kind of like freak out though...
haha, is a nice experience seeing them be like that though...
and in the same time i having a nice food over amigo there as well.
is a good place to dine in. who ever like to eat, CAN GO TO AMIGO RESTAURANT and eat the food over there.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rao's Birthday Celebration (23 JUN 08)

haha, tonight throw in a birthday celebration party for rao.
actually his birthday is on the 22nd Jun, but since that day is sunday, and he was not in malacca,
so we all had a birthday celebration with him on monday night itself.
the place is some how unique, since we went to Mcd ayer keroh to have the birthday celebration.
people who attended is rao himself, aziyan, wani, brazzo, rishi, nabillah, shan, cammy, hana, dinesh and the gang, and some other i can't really remember about them.
so we all having fun over Mcd there though, play here and there.
the funny thing is that the present that rao received. he received a canned underwear as a present.
i think the present to from wani, aziyan, and brazzo maybe, i not really remember that.
and for all people sake, we asked him to show the underwear and show it as he wear that underwear.
is seriously a funny part about the celebration.
too bad i didnt take much of the photo, cause most of the picture been taken using rishi's camera.
so i had few of the picture only...

yeah, movie... (22 JUN 08)

today is a movie day... haha...
tonight we went for a movie at the gsc movie cinema at mahkota parade malacca.
rao, aziyan and me went for watching the movie called "HULK 2 - The Incredible".
for the movie review, this movie is quite ok though, not so impact about it.
action wise, is still ok, just normal for what i see about it.
story line, just normal that the hulk escaping from the agent this and that, then come to save the day, then end up all be good and hulk go and hide again...
anyway any how, that movie is just ok...

after the movie, rao and me, both of us were posing at the poster at the cinema there...
both of us were ss-ing over there and aziyan was the one become our photographer.
after that, we went to KL MAMAK ! for our late supper... having a nice food over there...

Monday, June 16, 2008

McD again... (15 JUN 08)

haha, this day rao, aziyan and me went to Mcd, which can be officially declared that ayer keroh McD is the 1st most place to hang out...
we went there around 1am in the morning... quite late for that night...
then we just hanging out over there till around 3 something i think...
just talk here and there, gossip here and there, haha...
then play along with the food, which is my specialty,
where i can make fun of the food, said till very digusting sort of,
but in the end, i still can eat the food... lol...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Overnight (13-14 JUN 08)

having a crazy outing, which is overnight at McD ayer keroh.
not sleep there, is just went there and drink and eat and 'lepak' at there from night till the next morning...
ops, is not morning though, is till noon around 1pm,
so basically been sitting at McD for about 12 hours, woah...

after that, went to mahkota parade shopping mall for lunch...
having lunch wani and aziyan, since they not having their lunch yet.
we went to a restaurant beside seoul garden and had my lunch...

after finish all things, is around 5pm, went back to my home, and slept for the night...
i'm tired, but then i slept for few hours, woke up around 10 something...
what a day...